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Social Pension will be increased from January 2019

The Ministry of Family and Social Inclusion, through the National Center for Social Pensions, announces that the amount of the social pension will increase by 20% from January 2019, from 5,000 $ 00 to 6,000 $ 00, according to resolution nº2 / 2019 published on January 9, 2019. The amount of 120 $ 00 will be deducted from each social pension for the contribution in the Mutual Fund. Each pensioner will receive the net amount of 5,880 $ 00 from the social pension.

In addition, in view of the difficulties experienced by pensioners in accessing medical care, the annual ceiling provided by the mutual fund for the purchase of medicines in private pharmacies was increased by 50%. The aforementioned ceiling increases from 2.500 CVE to 3.750 CVE.

The increase in social pension reflects the Government's commitment to strengthening social protection for the economically and socially vulnerable population by increasing disposable income and improving the living conditions of families.

In addition to the increase in Social Pension, a steady increase in the number of beneficiaries is taking place. At present, there are 22,365 beneficiaries of the social pension in all counties of the country. In 2018, 1,761 new beneficiaries were integrated into the social pension. By 2019, it is expected to reach the goal of 23,000 pensioners.

It should be noted that the Social Pension is a non-contributory benefit that is intended for individuals in situations of economic and social vulnerability whose purpose is to promote their well-being. Older people, children with disabilities, chronic or incapacitating illness, and adults suffering from permanent incapacity to perform any income-generating activity may benefit from Social Pension.

Source: Government website

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