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Social Inclusion Income


Social Inclusion Income aims to provide households with resources that contribute to meeting their minimum needs and favoring their progressive socio-economic inclusion.


It is aimed at households in situations of economic vulnerability, selected by the Single Social Registry System.

Access Requirements

  • Valid registration in the Single Social Registry: The household must be registered in the Single Social Registry;
  • Child under 15 years old: The household must have at least one child under 15 years old;
  • Poverty index score: the household must be classified in Group I, according to the econometric model for calculating the targeting indicator, approved by Ordinance No. 37/2018, of 6 November.

Required Documentation

  • Identification card, CNI • TIN
  • Residence card, in case of foreign citizen
  • Bank details statement


The value is 5,500 Cape Verdean escudos per household, which may be updated in line with the minimum wage updates, at the end of the first two years of attribution.

Where to Apply

In the City Councils of the applicant's residence

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