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  1. The surviving spouse who is the holder of a Basic Social Pension or Disability Social Pension, domiciled in Cape Verde, between the ages of eighteen and sixty years and living in communion with the deceased at the date of his death, provided that The assumptions that determine the award of the pension to him are verified;
  2. The person who was living in union with the holder of Basic Social Pension or Disability Social Pension, at the time of death, when he or she is domiciled in Cape Verde, aged between eighteen and sixty years from the date of the Assumptions that determined the allocation of the latter pension;
  3. The persons referred to above may provisionally access this pension for a period of 12 months if they are under 45 years of age and definitively if they are 45 years of age or over.

Access Requirements

  1. The applicant is not and can not be covered by any national or foreign social security scheme.
  2. It belongs to a household whose income, of any kind or origin, is below the extreme poverty threshold established by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

Required Documentation

  1. Application form (pre-established model) that must be filled in with the applicant's personal data and socio-economic information of his / her household;
  2. Originals and copy of Identification Documents of the Applicant.
  3. Proof of income or negative certificate of income (Finance and Municipality).
  4. Original and copy of the death certificate of the pensioner (or Certificate of Presumed Death, Definitive Curation, or Department Statement issued by the City Council of the residence of the disappeared pensioner).
  5. Original and copy of the marriage certificate or documents proving the union in fact.
  6. Declaration on the status of social protection coverage of the applicant's contributory scheme.

Where to Apply

  • In the social services of the municipal councils of the municipality of residence, in the CNPS, for the applicants residing in the municipality of Praia and in the service office at Centro Nhô Djunga in São Vicente.

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