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"Government has made huge financial effort to evacuate patients for treatment in Portugal"

The Government of Cape Verde has made a huge financial effort to evacuate patients for medical treatment in Portugal. The statement was made this morning by the Minister of Family and Social Inclusion, Fernando Elísio Freire, during a visit to the External Evacuation Service Office, at the Plateau.

According to Fernando Elísio Freire, the Government led by Ulisses Correia e Silva invested around 300 thousand contos to guarantee better conditions to 509 patients undergoing medical treatment in Portugal, with the right to daily subsidies and other benefits, the result of a huge government financial effort and with considerable improvement in accommodation conditions in Portugal.

“In 2016 people only received 17 days of subsidy that they were entitled to, now they receive 30 or 31 days depending on the month, which demonstrates the enormous financial effort made by the Government to deal with this situation, said the Governor, highlighting the form and the speed in handling the process, with the creation of External Evacuation Assistance Offices in Sotavento and Barlavento, exclusively for medical transfer issues.

As Fernando Elísio Freire explains, the Embassy of Cape Verde in Portugal and the services in Cape Verde give adequate treatment to the process of patients who are outside the social security system.

“All of this is a huge financial effort by the Government of Cape Verde. This demonstrates well the importance that we attach to this matter. And in the last State Budget, through the Amending Budget 2020, we increased this amount by another 7% ”, concluded the Holder of the Family and Social Inclusion Portfolio.

Despite the pandemic and the consequent restrictions in the host country, the Government, through the Ministry of Health and Social Security, of the National Center for Social Benefits, during the year 2020, has already evacuated 107 patients with 40 companions.

The National Center for Social Benefits, as one of the actors in the process of external evacuation of patients benefiting from the social protection of the non-contributory regime, has the responsibility of preparing the administrative and logistical processes of the trip, as well as assuming the costs associated with the service.


Source: Government website

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